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Stabbed in the Back

I am full of
Anger, sorrow and pain.
When the day before last
Our friendship was slain.

You did the one thing I cannot forgive,
You stabbed me in the back.
What was my sunny and beautiful world
You suddenly turned dark and black.

How could you steal a woman
From your best friend.
Causing our friendship to
Come to an end.

Was it worth it to you
To give up so much.
For an evening encounter,
For that sensuous touch.

If you say yes,
Then I'm sorry to say,
You lost your best friend
On that fateful day.

But if you say no,
That it was wrong in the end,
Then I want you to know
You are still my friend.

What you did to me I will never forget
As long as I live,
Yet someday... sometime hence,
I may learn to forgive.



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