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How my poetry started

I am an 18-year-old male who lives in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I started writing poetry in spring of 1997 but there were only a few poems intermixed in some love letters I wrote to a girl I had a crush on.  I stopped writing for many months but then got started in again on it in early 1998.  I was in English class and was asked to write a conceit; for that assignment I wrote Your Love, Your Cup of Hot Chocolate.  I received some positive feedback and after that I started writing more often.  I carry a little notebook around with me in which I write all my poems.  I find it a soothing activity for my soul and have been known to write at almost anytime of the day or night.

In May of 1998 I showed the book to a couple of my closest friends and they thought that the poetry was good so I thought I would post it on a web site and see what the rest of the world thought.  WOW.  The response has been very overwhelming for me; I receive about 30 emails per day from visitors to my site and many have written me telling me that my poetry touched them, restored their faith in the male heart, patched a relationship, told a love how much they cared, brought tears to their eyes or just a feeling that they were not alone.  I feel really good knowing that my poetry has made an impact on someone's life.

More about me

As I said before, I'm 18 and live in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I work for a local IT firm designing web sites for the State of Minnesota and many large and small companies.  I even have my own office!  I work full-time and attend college classes on a part time basis.  I have been politically active, sitting on a state commission for my political party and have worked on numerous political campaigns.

The women in my poems

The thoughts and emotions that show through my poetry are mostly from real life experiences, however, I typically will elaborate on those experiences and emotions so that I get more powerful poems.  The reality of my life isn't quite as nice as the one I write about sometimes.  I have had several loves in my life during the past few years and have had a broken heart each time.  I also have had several women I've wanted but could not have for one reason or another.  Loss of love and sadness are apparent in many of my poems since the depressing parts of love seem to last longer than the happy parts.  I'm sure you can relate.  I also find that most of my poetry is written when I am depressed, which I hear is typical among many poets.   Every couple months a new woman comes into my life and I get a little excited but then it quickly subsides and I move on to the next.  My actual luck with relationships is pretty bad.  I have just recently met this new woman who utterly fascinates me in every way.  I want to get to know her more but at the same time I worry about becoming entangled in another relationship.  I've been hurt so many times that I wonder if next time I will not only lose my love but my sanity as well.

I have a lot of very close female friends and they play a big role in keeping me together.  Without them I would be lost and I don't think they know how important their friendship has been in my life.  They are the ones that are there to pick up what's left of me after a bad breakup.  There's something about a woman that makes me putty in their hands, I'm not sure I could point out any one feature but rather I believe it is the whole package that just gets to me.  At my age I am not looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with but rather just someone to share my present thoughts, feelings and emotions with; a companion in life as opposed to a companion for life.



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