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Patiently Waiting

I know you are hurting,
I understand your pain.
I know you are vulnerable
But I want you just the same.

Since I met you,
I've been entranced with who you are.
Such a different life,
Your home a world afar.

I have read of your homeland,
Of its beauty and serenity.
I can see its beaches and jungles,
Its fields of plenty.

I can see its perfection,
I can see it through you.
Through every thought and emotion,
Through everything you do.

You are so special,
So very very unique.
For you I would swim the widest ocean,
And climb the tallest peak.

There is so much of you I don't know,
So much that it frustrates me.
Yet of what I have learned of you,
Utterly fascinates me.

I will patiently wait for you,
I will wait for a sign.
I hope that somehow... someday,
You will be mine.



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