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The Greatest Gift

Today... on the anniversary of my birth,
I have the greatest gift I could ever receive... your love.
Eighteen years ago I was brought onto this earth,
Where I learned to crawl on the floor.
But here today... at this moment,
I feel like I could fly.

You were there when I stumbled to walk,
You helped me stand up straight.
You were there when I wanted to run,
You helped me keep a steady pace.
And you were there when I spread my wings,
You helped me soar so high.

What wonderful fortune to have found you,
To have you in my life.
What a feeling to have you close,
To be held in your arms.
What consolations you give me,
When I need a shoulder on which to cry.

You are my friend,
My confidant,
My mother.
You are everything I could have ever wanted,
And all that I ever needed,
You will be in my heart until the day I die.



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