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A night of music,
Of fun and laughter.
A beautiful story,
Like Cinderella in Ever After.

We shall dance,
We shall dine.
It'll be the best,
You'll have a good time.

Say yes to me,
You'll have fun.
A night to remember,
When it's done.

What can you lose,
Give me a chance.
Say you'll go with me,
To the Homecoming Dance.

You know me,
I'm certain that's right.
How bad could it be,
It's just one night.

I can picture you,
In a beautiful gown.
Looking so royal,
I search for your crown.

Let me make you a princess,
For just a few hours.
I'll bring you gifts of candy and chocolate,
I'll shower you with flowers.

Just say yes,
You won't regret.
It's going to be a night,
You'll never forget.



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