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Get Well Soon

I hope this flower puts a smile on your face,
A little fun in a boring place.
A ray of sunshine in your day of gloom.
I hope you get well real soon.

We keep putting the gym on hold,
Pretty soon it’ll get cold.
Then my work will move away,
Even though I want it to stay.

We will no longer be able to go,
To the favorite place that we know.
We’ll have to settle for something less,
And the Mall of America does not impress.

You always have fun when you’re with me,
So we can still go and see a movie.
But wait... we still have two months to go,
Before the rain turns to snow.

So get well and give me a call,
Before summer turns into fall.
For then the gym is said and done,
And our workout days will be none.

So I hope this little poem gave you a smile,
One that stretches for a whole mile.
If not… at least I tried,
But I must stop since my brain is fried.



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